Development Refugees

Documentary, 8'30"

Brazil, 2016

Brazil, just like Latin America, a source of gold and silver, oil, iron, copper, meat, fruits, coffee, raw material and food. Everything: the land, its fruits, its deepness rich in minerals, men and their ability to work and to consume. Human and natural resources.The land’s wealth gives rise to the poorness of those who live on it in order to nourish the prosperity of others. Gold, silver and iron are turned into scrap, and food becomes poison. The rubber Amazon, the sugarcane Northeast, the ore Minas Gerais, the energy rivers, the timber forests.
Development fosters inequality. The richest 1% of Brazilians makes almost one hundred times more than the poorest 10%. There are 13 million illiterates. In small farms, that take up 10% of the country’s farming land, peasants make around US$ 5 a day, whereas in the 130 thousand large farming estates, that take up 47% of land, peasants have a daily income of US$ 3. 432 million acres are barren.
Progress in Brazil did not foresee one thing: people.


Cinematography, Text and Editing: Fábio Nascimento

Narrated by: Chico César

In partnership with:
Instituto Socioambiental
Latin-Amerikagruppene I Norge
Ministério Público Federal
National Geographic