Our Painting (Me’ôk)

Documentary, 24' - Exhibition

Museu do Índio / UNESCO

Brazil, 2014

“The paintwork that builds culture”. The Mebengôkre-Kayapóare are an indigenous people that belongs to the linguistic family of Jê, who traditionally has been inhabiting the Xingu River region, south of Pará (Brazil). Their population is of approximately 10.000 people who live in circular hamlets. In each one of these hamlets, during their day-to-day lives or as part of their rituals, body art painting does not cease to happen. This work, presented by the eyes of Thiago Oliveira and Fábio Nascimento, and curated by André Demarchi, anthropologist and researcher, envisions to reveal the everyday universe of this making, learned in mythological times and transmitted through generations. The continuity of this tradition in a changing world, brings Mebengôkre-Kayapó women, detaining this knowledge, to reflect on differences between Indians and white people.


Photographs: Fábio Nascimento and Thiago Oliveira
Presented by: Museu do Índio / FUNAI and UNESCO
Directed by: Fábio Nascimento and Thiago Oliveira
Screenplay: Axuapé Kayapó, Bepunu Kayapó, Fábio Nascimento, Pawire Kayapó and Thiago Oliveira
Producer:Thiago Oliveira
Cinematography:Fábio Nascimento
Editing: Fábio Nascimento and Thiago Oliveira
Assistant Directing: Axuapé Kayapó, Bepunu Kayapó and Pawire Kayapó
Sound: Fábio Nascimento and Thiago Oliveira
Color Grading: Fábio Nascimento
Sound Mixing: Henrique Ligeiro
Graphic Design: Brenner Guerra
Cast: Burybury, Ekrã, Kaikware, Kokoranti, Nhange, Nhàk-ê, Nhankrati, Ngreimoro, Ruth, Vavá
Translation Mebengôkre-Português: André Demarchi, Axuapé Kayapó, Bepunu Kayapó and Thiago Oliveira


Best Film, Young Jury of the National Competition. “Nossa Pintura”
24º Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival, Brazil, 2014.

Best Film, Popular Vote . “Nossa Pintura”
4º Festival de Cinema Socioambiental da Serra do Cipó, Brazil, 2014.

Bekoibo com diadema krokroti
Dança Abenkutan-metoro-opron, da festa da mandioca (Kwyràkango
Mebengeite se pintando, pintura Totikã
ronmnonnhonpin, neblina. riprem (parte de palmeira) utilizado para urucum no dia passado - pr'atica ancestral, ao fundo, a casa do guerreiro, ngà
Ngotire, pintura kapran`ok