Volta Grande

Great Return

Documentary, 26'

Brazil, 2020

Riverine families were violently removed from their homes for the construction of the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant, in Para State (Brazil). After years of struggle, the riverine who had not been recognized as impacted won the right to return to the banks of the Xingu River.

Presented by: Conselho Ribeirinho, Rede Xingu +, Flume
Director: Fábio Nascimento
Production: Conselho Ribeirinho, Ana De Francesco, Isabel Harari
Cinematography: Fábio Nascimento
Editor: Renato Gaiarsa
Interviews: Ana De Francesco, Isabel Harari, Letícia Leite, Marina Yamaoka
Soundtrack: Fábio Nascimento
Sound Mixing: Henrique Ligeiro
Color Correction: Fábio Nascimento
Graphic Design: Letícia Coelho

Full film available on VideoCamp