Antarctic Sanctuary


Antarctic Peninsula, 2018

The Antarctic Ocean is one of the last virgin expanses on the planet. Its depths are an unexplored final frontier. An ocean full of life, of biodiversity: essential for the health of the planet and our viability as a species. Glaciers the size of Manhattan office buildings routinely pass by. So do humpbacks and penguins. When chunks fall off glacier faces, sight outpaces sound. You see a massive splash, then moments later hear an explosive crash. The place drowns the senses (louder, colder, brighter). Light also does magic tricks. The horizon is not a fixed thing: sometimes it’s impossible to tell where the water ends and glaciers begin, where a snow-covered mountain stops and a low-hanging cloud starts. It’s as though we’re floating through someone’s sketchbook and parts of the drawings have been erased with a pencil. If sea voyages are like space travel but on earth, then arriving to Antarctica is akin to landing on the moon.

Written by: Carlos Bardem
Narrated by: Javier Bardem
Cinematography, Soundtrack and Editing: Fábio Nascimento
Produced by Greenpeace International, Javier Bardem and Alvaro Longoria