Greenpeace Brazil’s web documentary entitled Here Comes the Sun is a project that explores the social, economic, and environmental benefits of solar energy through personal stories.The project also addresses the barriers for the development and use of Brazil’s solar energy potential. And it shows people who are acting in different ways so that the sun increasingly lights-up Brazil.


Multimedia Direction and Video Production: Flume
Cinematographer: Fábio Nascimento
Cinematographer of “green jobs”: Eliza Capai
Editing and Post-production: Fábio Nascimento and Vinícius Berger
Still Photography: Otávio Almeida
Web-documentary Screenplay: Flume and Greenpeace Brasil
Production and Texts: Marina Yamaoka and Thais Herrero
Design and Illustration: Letícia Coelho
Web-developer: Saulo Padilha