Goodbye Earth


Brazil, 2019

It’s true, the Amazon rainforest is being destroyed by our global appetite for beef. In Brazil, beef production is actually ramping up under new president, Jair Bolsonaro, and the clearing of land for more cattle pasture was one of the key drivers of the Amazon fires. In its debut episode, AJ+‘s new environmental show, “Goodbye Earth,” goes deep into the heart of a Brazilian industry that’s responsible for over two-thirds of Amazon deforestation.

Correspondent: Gelareh Derabi
Director of Photography: Fábio Nascimento
Senior Producer: Joel Stonington
Executive Producer: Shadi Rahimi
Field Produced and Translator: Joe Carter
Graphics: Milad Aramnia
Associate Producer: Marc Griebel
Edit, Sound and Color: Tony Muzzatti
Translator: Raphael Daibert

Goodbye Earth

In Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, the Munduruku tribe is at war against illegal mining, logging and land grabbing – which is only being encouraged by Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro. In this episode of “Goodbye Earth,” AJ+ climate and environment correspondent Gelareh Darabi embeds with Indigenous leader Alessandra Munduruku to see what life is like as a warrior and defender of the Amazon rainforest.

Scientists in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest are collecting vital data showing how our climate is changing. But now, their work is under direct attack by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. In this final episode of Goodbye Earth’s Amazon series, AJ+ science and environment correspondent Gelarah Darabi meets the scientists who’ve made the Amazon their home and laboratory. As she climbs the highest tower in South America, she learns how science is being silenced by Brazil’s government.