Grazing the Amazon

Documentary, 50'

Brazil, 2018

There are 85 million cows in the Brazilian Amazon, which means three cows for each human dweller grazing today and area that was once forest. Less than fifty years ago, in the 1970s, the rainforest was intact. Since then, a portion the size of France has disappeared, 66% of which transformed into pastures. Much of this change is a consequence of government incentives that attracted thousands of farmers from southern lands. Cattle ranching became an economic and cultural banner of the Amazon, forging powerful politicians to defend it. In 2009, there was a game changer: the Public Prosecutor’s Office sued large slaughterhouses, forcing them to supervise cattle supplying farms.

French Ministry of Culture ‘One Hour’ prize. “Grazing the Amazon”
8º Film Research and Sustainable Development (FReDD)

Direction: Marcio Isensee e Sá
Original Idea: Eduardo Pegurier e Paulo Barreto
Script: Juliana Tinoco
Cinematography: Fábio Nascimento
Cameras: Fábio Nascimento e Marcio Isensee e Sá
Editing: Fred Rahal Mauro
Additional Editing: Pedro Vilain
Assistant Editor: Pedro Vilain
Visual Programming / Animation: Julia Lima Carvalho
Producers: Eduardo Pegurier e Paulo André Vieira
Executive Producer: Bernardo Camara
Finances: Nádia Santos
Soundtrack / Sound Production: Ori Music Lab
Original Score: Caê Rolfsen e Bruno Prado
Sound Design: Fernando Ianni
Sound Mixing: Fernando Ianni